Wired for sound

What’s that? You thought I was gone forever? Why, no!  It’s REFEBIMATE!  Nah, FEBJANIMATE! No, it’s..actually, I’m not making February a thing, but once you get the habit, you can’t just give it up!  I might not post every day (I had a crazy early night last night, so nearly I literally fell asleep halfway through a glass of wine!) But I’m still going to Get Stuff Done.

This morning, I wanted to listen to the radio in the living room.  You can play radio channels through the sky box, but as I had j in the room, I couldn’t do that without him immediately shouting for BOBBOB! aka Bob the Builder.  So I started streaming through my tablet, but the battery was low (I know.  The population of Darfur just weep for me) and so I turned to a nemesis of mine – the stereo.  Bought into the room after it was decorated in August and then never wired up.  All those months, it had sat there.  Useless.  Dust-gathering.  Literally neither use nor ornament.

Ladies and gentlemen, I wired it back up.  Even the fiddly old-school speaker wires you need to twiddle to get in properly.  It wasn’t even difficult, really, but it wasn’t done.  And so I listened to a CD which I just casually grabbed from under the stairs without swearing, or standing on anything, or a hoover falling on my head, which was nice.

Then we embarked upon what will end up as tomorrow’s task, and very satisfying that will be.


February 2nd: rejanimated the stereo