Up, upcycle and away!

This blog features a guest appearance from my new sidekick, my sewing box! I’m not saying I’ve organised everything there is to do – is that even possible? – but I have certainly finished all the major jobs in the house, so today I turned my attention to my craft stash.

I’d had the idea for a quilted Nexus 7 case for a while, and as I found all sorts of cool vintage-patterned fabrics when I sorted my stash, I decided to have a go. Now, bearing in mind I’m not actually great at sewing and did this all by hand, I think it came out ok (the top is wonky, I admit, but either that’s an augur of next season’s look for accessories – “wonky is the new straight” etc etc – or you can just look at it at a bit of an angle) considering I haven’t done any proper sewing for a long time:


I am not quite the new Cath Kidston yet but I feel my worldwide empire can hardly be very far off. Anyway I think it’s a good job for an hour’s work on a Monday night!

January 28th: rejanimated some fabric into a Nexus case


A fresh coat

Looking at the weather forecast for this week, I could see that it’s going to turn from freezing to practically spring-like in the space of a few days.  As has already been discussed in this blog,  my winter coat is seriously warm, so I started thinking about alternatives.  When I did under the stairs, I rediscovered a couple of old coats – one of them a purple smart coat I had a few years ago.  I was actually about to sling it on the ‘throw it out’ pile as I thought it looked musty and faded, but the ever present spirit of ReJanimate guided my hand and I found myself compelled to put it in the washing machine instead.

It came out great, so off I strode to my sewing box (which should by now be given a supporting role in this blog – who knew it would be such a faithful companion along this road?) to sew on the many missing buttons (which is when I remembered why I stopped wearing it in the first place), give it a good press and snip off a few pulled threads.  It’s really as good as new and I feel really happy to have a ‘new’ coat! 


Once again, one task has led to another one, but in a happy way.

January 27th: reJanimated an old winter coat.

Where’s me wash bag?

So, your bathroom is organised, your dressing table is tidy, you have all the toiletries and make up you need – and then you go away for the weekend lugging a grubby old wash bag full of the same old stuff.  This weekend I’m away and in preparation I reJanimated my wash bag.

Now, I’ve reached that age when every other present I get is toiletry based – that doesn’t bother me because I love toiletries and love not paying for them even more, but you do end up with a lot of little bags that don’t necessarily get used. Meanwhile, all the time I was lugging around my stuff in a bag with a bust zip!

I cleared it all out, found a new bag that worked better, went through my stash of travel sized/spare toiletries and got rid of all the dirty cotton wool and stuff at the bottom of the bag, and voila!

A weekend away without a bag full of random, half-used crap!  Incredible.

January 26th: reJanimated my washbag

Why keep keeping?

Do you keep keeping things? You know what I mean – you’ve dutifully rejanimated a box or drawer only to find those items you just can’t part with, yet can’t think how to use. So you keep them, and keep them, and keep keeping them… And they just stay there forever.

I’ve been guilty of this and of course rejanimate is a great way of bringing them out and back to life again. You sometimes have to think a bit laterally though – use things in a different room, in a different way, whatever.

So as I have no time for an organising rejanimate today, I dug out some
Mucha postcards I bought in Prague and brought them into school. I’d made a vaguely art nouveau display and I put them up next to it – look good there, don’t they? And they remind me of a fab holiday years ago in Prague, which cheers me up sometimes! A win-win.


There we go – don’t keep keeping things, start using them!

January 25th: rejanimated some postcards.