Up, upcycle and away!

This blog features a guest appearance from my new sidekick, my sewing box! I’m not saying I’ve organised everything there is to do – is that even possible? – but I have certainly finished all the major jobs in the house, so today I turned my attention to my craft stash.

I’d had the idea for a quilted Nexus 7 case for a while, and as I found all sorts of cool vintage-patterned fabrics when I sorted my stash, I decided to have a go. Now, bearing in mind I’m not actually great at sewing and did this all by hand, I think it came out ok (the top is wonky, I admit, but either that’s an augur of next season’s look for accessories – “wonky is the new straight” etc etc – or you can just look at it at a bit of an angle) considering I haven’t done any proper sewing for a long time:


I am not quite the new Cath Kidston yet but I feel my worldwide empire can hardly be very far off. Anyway I think it’s a good job for an hour’s work on a Monday night!

January 28th: rejanimated some fabric into a Nexus case