Why keep keeping?

Do you keep keeping things? You know what I mean – you’ve dutifully rejanimated a box or drawer only to find those items you just can’t part with, yet can’t think how to use. So you keep them, and keep them, and keep keeping them… And they just stay there forever.

I’ve been guilty of this and of course rejanimate is a great way of bringing them out and back to life again. You sometimes have to think a bit laterally though – use things in a different room, in a different way, whatever.

So as I have no time for an organising rejanimate today, I dug out some
Mucha postcards I bought in Prague and brought them into school. I’d made a vaguely art nouveau display and I put them up next to it – look good there, don’t they? And they remind me of a fab holiday years ago in Prague, which cheers me up sometimes! A win-win.


There we go – don’t keep keeping things, start using them!

January 25th: rejanimated some postcards.