Put it in a Box

ReJanimating isn’t just about saving money, it’s about unleashing potential in things.  And what could be more of an emblem of potential than the humble gift voucher?  I don’t know about you, but I always hold onto them for ages, waiting for the perfect item to buy. Of course, by the time you wait for so long, you forget you have them, and by that time you find they don’t even sell anything for 12/6.

I had a gift voucher that had been a present for J’s birthday (five months ago!). Now, this child needs no more toys, no more clothes…so what to spend it on?  It was only after surveying his Christmas swag pile that I decided to look for some better toy storage (what is referred to in catalogues as “Storage Solutions”).  So I went and spent his voucher on this, and I’m very pleased with it.


I love that he can see the books clearly and reach them down for himself, and it’s also let me ReJanimate some toys by rescuing them from the hellish tumble at the bottom of the toy box, where pirates rub shoulders with Olympic mascots,  puzzle pieces and always at least one MegaBlok.  Finally the pirates have the space they’ve always dreamed of!

It does make his room start to look like a boy’s room, though, not an baby one, which is a bit of a sniff moment, but I suppose it’s inevitable.
January 6th: reJanimated some gift vouchers into some toy shelves.