That’s enough!

I was off work poorly today so had the chance to potter gently around the house in daylight (always a novelty), albeit with a toddler at my heels the whole time!  Was very satisfying not to walk around seeing millions of undone jobs, I must say.  One thing I did get done was to sort out the ‘floordrobe’ in our bedroom which means we can now see the carpet in there! 

In the afternoon, after our naps, the toddler and I were going stir-crazy so I went for a walk round the shops (this is a distinctly undemanding activity in my town in case you’re wondering how I could feel up to such a thing – Westfield it is not).  We had a fun walk there, as we saw a digger, and then I cleaned out a charity shop which had priced all its children’s books at 20p each – 6 books for J, including a Bob the Builder book with all little character magnets, and the same for my book cupboard at school. (The same number, that is, not the same books,  although I just know  a Bob book would be literally fought over by my year 9 and I am not exaggerating.)

The interesting thing about the shops was that I didn’t want to buy anything for myself (apart from some medicinal Percy Pigs).  Having such a clear picture of what’s already in the house makes me realise how little I need and it takes the fun out of browsing.  I do make an exception for picture books as I honestly feel you can’t have too many books for children but I don’t even feel tempted to buy any more toys or clothes for J.  We really do have enough!

Now there’s a funny feeling, huh.


Hang in there, baby!

One good habit that’s come out of ReJanimate is that when I notice something niggling or that just doesn’t work for us, I feel inspired to sort it out.  Even better, I know where to find stuff to use to sort it out with!

Today I was making brinner (the ULTIMATE, aka ‘breakfast for dinner’) which is obviously AWESOME but does make the house smell (also I turned the grill on by accident and it smoked the place out.  Doh) so I tried to shut the kitchen door but there have been aprons over the corner of the door for, ooh, four years now, so I couldn’t.  There are no hooks in the kitchen and nowhere really to put one in the wall, hence the door-draping, so I thought it was time to ReJanimate the hell out of there!

BAM!  Into the air-raid shelter for hooks.

BAM! hooks into the back of the utility room door!

BAM!  in another stroke of genius, two more hooks to hang the rubbish bag!  (We used to have a bin but it was annoying and always smelt so we just hang a carrier bag up for a bin bag but only off the handles of doors etc)

OK, so it might seem a bit much to base a whole blog entry around three hooks but the point is, don’t just get annoyed with stuff in your house, ReJanimate it! 

Wired for sound

What’s that? You thought I was gone forever? Why, no!  It’s REFEBIMATE!  Nah, FEBJANIMATE! No, it’s..actually, I’m not making February a thing, but once you get the habit, you can’t just give it up!  I might not post every day (I had a crazy early night last night, so nearly I literally fell asleep halfway through a glass of wine!) But I’m still going to Get Stuff Done.

This morning, I wanted to listen to the radio in the living room.  You can play radio channels through the sky box, but as I had j in the room, I couldn’t do that without him immediately shouting for BOBBOB! aka Bob the Builder.  So I started streaming through my tablet, but the battery was low (I know.  The population of Darfur just weep for me) and so I turned to a nemesis of mine – the stereo.  Bought into the room after it was decorated in August and then never wired up.  All those months, it had sat there.  Useless.  Dust-gathering.  Literally neither use nor ornament.

Ladies and gentlemen, I wired it back up.  Even the fiddly old-school speaker wires you need to twiddle to get in properly.  It wasn’t even difficult, really, but it wasn’t done.  And so I listened to a CD which I just casually grabbed from under the stairs without swearing, or standing on anything, or a hoover falling on my head, which was nice.

Then we embarked upon what will end up as tomorrow’s task, and very satisfying that will be.


February 2nd: rejanimated the stereo