Where’s me wash bag?

So, your bathroom is organised, your dressing table is tidy, you have all the toiletries and make up you need – and then you go away for the weekend lugging a grubby old wash bag full of the same old stuff.  This weekend I’m away and in preparation I reJanimated my wash bag.

Now, I’ve reached that age when every other present I get is toiletry based – that doesn’t bother me because I love toiletries and love not paying for them even more, but you do end up with a lot of little bags that don’t necessarily get used. Meanwhile, all the time I was lugging around my stuff in a bag with a bust zip!

I cleared it all out, found a new bag that worked better, went through my stash of travel sized/spare toiletries and got rid of all the dirty cotton wool and stuff at the bottom of the bag, and voila!

A weekend away without a bag full of random, half-used crap!  Incredible.

January 26th: reJanimated my washbag


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