A Tale of a Tub

I have a confession to make about today’s ReJanimate – it cost money! That’s right, we had to buy new things for this one, but it was worth it.

Basically we have a small, functional bathroom. It’s OK – the shower is awesome, and we’ve done bits to it but always with the idea in the back of our minds that we’d redo the whole thing soon and therefore whatever we got was just a make-do thing.  Only, after our crazy binge of house revamping over the summer, we can’t face another big project, so we reJanimated it instead!

Yesterday we went to Argos and got a tallboy unit that would fit into the small space by the sink.  Now, believe me that this is a small space.  A Borrower would suck air through their teeth and say “I was really looking for something a little roomier”.  But prewar British houses are noted for their functional but tiny bathrooms, and Argos have catered for that need with lots of functional, tiny bathroom furniture.  (note – I am not sponsored by Argos, but I will be, if they want.  I can be bought.)

Once that was in situ, it looked so good we went today and got a smaller unit and a corner shelf unit.  Add to that a bit of reshuffling of bath toys (for the toddler!) and a bin reJanimated from another room and the whole thing was completely painless.  It was.  Definitely.  No water at all came through the ceiling so stop going on about it!

Here’s the things we bought:




And here’s the finished room:


I know it doesn’t look like much but it’s the first time the room’s felt done!  Needs a new blind, I think, but that’s another day’s job.

January 20th: reJanimated the bathroom


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