Play and Display

Remember when you were a kid? There were always bits of your school that were just too depressing for words. Certain rooms or corridors that would just fill you with so much dread you’d just want to lie down on the floor and die. Or is that just me?

Anyway, I was beginning to feel that maybe outside my classroom was a bit like that. To be fair, there was some excellent work on display out there, but as it’s a small area and there can be up to 90 kids crammed into it at any given time (omg, seriously, open the door and children fall through it like rabbits from a magician’s sleeve) so everything gets torn and wrecked.

Then I was reading some research about what type of classroom layout was most effective (yes! For fun!) and another little quote caught my eye. It was from a girl complaining that everywhere she went in her school was beige and she longed to see colour. Now, my school is by no means all beige (mould is BLACK!) but it’s not exactly like living inside a packet of Skittles, IYSWIM. So I looked around and realised that area was ripe for rejanimating.

Here’s my new display board:

20130116-200324.jpg and here’s some frankly fancy lettering I did on the other one:


I mean, that is SMART. I ought to be a professional display makerer, which is definitely a thing.

January 16th: rejanimated my displays.


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