The last 10%

It’s easy to start something – I should know, I’ve started many, many things over the years – but it’s the finishing that’s hard.  And that’s been exactly the problem in this house.  We did a lot of work over the summer; new flooring, new fireplaces, wall plastered and painted, and got it 90% done and them…stopped.  Partly it was because we ran out of money, but actually the jobs aren’t particularly money-related – it was more to do with the fact we were sick and tired of doing it all.

So today we reJanimated a few things that were the last 10% of a job: hung the pictures on the staircase, put some curtains over the front door, cleared out the bottom half of the airing cupboard and sorted the curtains for the dining room.  Phew! None of them big jobs but just requiring an input of time and energy that we didn’t have without the inspiring power of ReJanimate to make us do it.

So there’s a task for you, gentle reader…finish the last 10%!


January 13th: reJanimated the staircase


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