Filing for (total) dummies

Now, I’m the first to admit I’d secretly love a proper filing system – little tabs with labels on, everything in chronological order, stickers that say things like ” Receipts (toys) (2011-2013) (A-C)” and so on. But years of abandoned systems and shattered dreams, both at home and at school, have taught me that such systems languish unused while I just sling every piece of paper in a box.

So it was thus that it came to me – why not make myself a filing system that is, essentially, fling everything in a box?  It’s not as if there are filling police out there, pulling handbrake turns in their Audi Quattros as they receive an urgent call-out to the house of a woman who just put her P60 in a pile which also includes the last three copies of CBeebies magazine, the instruction manual to a sandwich toaster which got thrown out in 1996 and the car insurance documents she snappily told her husband two weeks ago that she hasn’t seen, and if it’s that important, he should have put them away himself, shouldn’t he? 

Therefore, this is my new filing system:


You’ll notice there are folders in this box – I’m not an animal – to divide it up, basically, into work stuff, kid stuff, money stuff, car stuff, and don’t-lose-this stuff.  It ain’t elegant but I know where everything is and we will actually use this, which is much more efficient than a beautiful system we don’t use.  Done. 

January 12th: ReJanimated filing system.


One thought on “Filing for (total) dummies

  1. I’ve ended up doing basically the same thing – I have an “important stuff” binder with similar stuff put in the same paper protector (i.e. w-2 and tax stuff together, car stuff together, etc) with a description written in permanent ink on the outside edge so I can flip through really fast. This also seems to work well with office supplies, so that instead of falling to the bottom of the drawer, there’s one pocket with pens and adapters and stuff. Simple stuff really does work well 🙂

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