Little things make a lot

OK, the crunch time for any “every day” resolution – its 8 o’clock on Friday night, you’ve been to the pub form tea and there’s a cold bottle of Chardonnay waiting in the fridge (yeah, no, I’m not doing Dryathlon – dry Mon-Thurs is as far as I can go!)

You need an instant result and you need it fast. So what did I do? I reJanimated the hallway. As in excavated it from underneath two pushchairs (Two! I have but one child), about five coats and an army’s worth of boots.

And then – and THEN! because once you ReJanimate you just can’t, er, stop – I did the accessible under-stairs bit (the inaccessible bit is a ReJanimate task for another day), and then – and THEN! I went upstairs and harking right back to day 1, ran myself a bath with some aging bath foam which I remember buying when I was pregnant, so about two years ago.

Before and after pics today (I spoil you, I do):




There was a hall under there!

January 12th: reJanimated hallway, under stairs and some bath bubbles.


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