Back to school (for pens)

Right, first off, there’s no neat after photo today, mostly because I made more mess than I started with.  I believe the appropriate emoticon is :S

But I have liberated some stuff from lying-around-being-covered-with-dust-itis which is the important thing! OK, you need to know that I’ve never really had my own classroom before – I sort of have, a few times, but I always ended up sharing it, or moving out loads of lessons a week, and I wound up with all sorts of school stuff at home.  So today I started to sort it, and in the ReJanimate style, I started small.  That pointless pot of pens on the windowsill in J’s bedroom? Dead ones chucked out, the good ones in my school bag.  Pot gone.  Woop.

Plastic box under bed raided for post-it notes, tippex, board markers and all the other things I don’t want or need at home, but both want and need at work.

Bonus one: found some teenage fiction books for my shelf at school.

Bonus two: found a book and listed it for £8 (!!) on Amazon. Woop woop!

Space acquired, classroom replenished, crap thoroughly ReJanimated!

January 10th: reJanimated some school supplies.


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