Five Minute Wonder

The great thing about ReJanimate is that its not just huge projects that count, it’s five-minute jobs as well.  In fact, the five minute jobs are really at the heart of the whole thing, because it’s about changing little things. So when you do a task you’ve been putting off for ages, walking past it every day thinking “I should really…”, you’re rejanimating not just that object or place, but that tiny part of your brain that was being occupied with that thought every day.  That’s right, on this blog I’m not only providing scintillating inside-drawer pics, but I’m giving you a bigger brain.  For free.  What kind of tea do I drink? Generosi-TEA.  Yeah.

Today I reJanimated a bit of my brain, then, by folding everything in my airing cupboard and stacking it neatly.  Look, I never said I was going to be splitting the atom here!  Anyway, it did look a lot like an explosion in a slightly-worn-duvet-cover shop (don’t you just hate those shops? GREAT sales though) and now it doesn’t, and now I don’t have to close the door of it really quickly so I’m not found three days later under a pile of towels we keep for mopping stuff up with. (“Police say the missing woman was eventually found under what appeared to be once-good tea towels.  A neighbour said she was shocked by the news: ‘I always saw her buying Vanish but apparently those towels had never seen a drop of it.  I shudder to think what her nets are like.'”)

And here we have it.  Who thought folding could give you a bigger brain, eh?


January 8th: reJanimated the airing cupboard.


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