A simple idea for a simple day

First day back at work after Christmas – luckily a low-key INSET day so a chance to get us all back into the old routines without too much stress.  And a chance to reJanimate my classroom a little.  I say a little because, unlike my house, my classroom is actually pretty tidy and well-organised!  Drawers are labelled, papers kept together neatly and I can lay my hands on, not one, but upwards of a dozen pairs of scissors any time I like.

 I know.

 It cray-cray.

Anyway.  So I went for the absolute simplest form of reJanimation – digging something out and using it again.  In a dark, dark building, up some dark, dark stairs, in a dark, dark classroom (bear with me, this is going somewhere), in a dark, dark cupboard, in a dark, dark box…were some books.  And papers and stuff.  Sorry, that was anti-climactic.

These are the books and papers and stuff I stored when I went on maternity leave.  There’s good stuff in there, too, which is why I didn’t just chuck it all, but it’s no good to anyone in a dark, dark cupboard [that’s enough: Ed] so I went up there today and liberated some books for my bookshelf, a veritable sheaf of line guides and a load of resources that will come in very handy this year and that I would obviously just have remade if I hadn’t been bothered to go up there.

Then I spent a pleasant few minutes reorganising my drawer and desk tidies.  Ahh.  Let’s just look at them for a moment.  Take some time out and enjoy them.  Check out the way those glue sticks are lined up, the little box crenellated with paper clips.  Don’t call me sad.


January 7th: reJanimated my classroom.


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