So, it seems the thing is, once you’ve reJanimated one thing, it gets you thinking about others!  As a result I have loads of things I achieved today; firstly, dug a long-unworn pair of trousers out and wore them (this has NOTHING AT ALL to do with post-Christmas podge making the rest of my trousers not fit, no sir),and secondly, when my reprinted photos arrived in the post, rather than flick through them and put them aside for another day, I took the time to fill my albums (looooong put off – one was J’s “Baby’s First Christmas” album, which was actually Christmas 2011.  Oops.

However, thinking about that inspired me to dig out a couple of cheap framed prints I’d hung in our last house.  They didn’t go anywhere here, so I took the prints out and used Photoshop to resize some Bob the Builder pictures I found online.  Then I hung them over J’s cot so he can amuse himself by lying in bed saying “Dizzy!  Bob-bob! Bud!” to himself.


That photo is awful, but it just shows what we already have lying around ready to be put to use.

January 5th: reJanimated some old frames with new pictures.


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