Life Through a Lens

Ok, this is kind of a cheat as I started it yesterday.  But it started as a little, teeny-tiny reJanimate and it ended up as a massive one, so it’s definitely two days’ worth.

It started with a boy.  Doesn’t it always?  This boy happened to be my little boy; my son, J.  Who also happens to be the absolute spitting image of his dad (no beady eyes at the milkman round here, no sir).  It was while contemplating the incredible cuteness of J that I remembered a pile of old photo albums we had; pictures from my husband’s childhood and of his mum and dad, lent to us by his sister.  We’ve had them about six months and I’ve always been about to scan them in and reprint them, but of course, there’s always a good reason why not – the scanner’s a pain in the arse to set up (God, though, it really is), I don’t want J to get sticky fingers all over them (a very very real possibility for any belonging at any time of the day or night – don’t get me started on the morning I found half a banana in my boot on the way out of the door), I need to do something Very Important like eat half a tub of Celebrations while playing Words With Friends on my tablet…OK, they’re all crap excuses and the fact is I’m lazy.

But inspired in a reJanimate kind of way, I decided it was time to bring them back to life.  Not just by scanning them, but by Photoshopping out blemishes and scratches, cataloguing them properly into folders and ordering the prints.


Actually, this is one time I half wish I’d chosen lazy.  SEVEN HOURS it took me, although that also included taking a deep breath and wading into the murky waters that is the DSLR’s SD card (8gb of storage and we’re permanently at the take-one-delete-one stage.  Not good enough.)  Now that I knew was a big job, fraught with possible perils like the hard drive suddenly ejecting itself, multiple files with the same name and of course the ever-present threat of the Freeze For No Reason.

Now, however, all the photos are scanned, labelled, put into folders, uploaded for safe keeping and I’ve ordered a load of prints (OK, this cost me money but it’s one of those things that are really worth it.)

January 3rd: reJanimated old photos


One thought on “Life Through a Lens

  1. I think that’s a brilliant use of seven hours! Well done – you must have a real feeling of satisfaction. Might inspire me to get going on sorting through 10 years’ worth of photos randomly saved on my computer… 😉

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