Cocktails for breakfast

Go and have a look in the cupboard where you keep your glasses (your drinking glasses, that is; I doubt you have a cupboard just for spectacles unless you’re Su Pollard, in which case Su Pollard reads my blog? Awesome!). Let me guess – shelves of extremely random glassware, of which you only ever use the same – let’s say four – glasses. The sad remains of once-proud sets, random promotional glasses bought or stolen long ago, novelty tankards saying things like “World’s Best Chip Shop Owner” (wait, where did that come from?) and some special wine glasses you bought in a fit of Nigella one year to put on the table at Christmas and immediately forgot all about.

Today’s ReJanimate suggestion is to use all your glasses.  No point having best ones if you never use them! Let the kids drink their smoothies from the Christmas glasses (you might want to make them sit in some kind of duvet fortress just in case), let your husband enjoy the brief thrill that a passer-by might think he actually is the world’s best chip shop owner, and as for you, drink juice out of a posh glass.

I am drinking my orange juice from this Martini glass.


Lovely, isn’t it? I got two as a present from friends about ten years ago and have mostly been too afraid to use them. I’m not much for a Martini drinker but it always seemed too nice to use for anything else.  But how is it being appreciated sitting in my glasses cupboard?

January 2nd: reJanimated an old glass.

Why don’t you try this today, and let me know what you found?



One thought on “Cocktails for breakfast

  1. Superb! Our martini glasses have been getting decent use this past few months, but over the holidays I dug out some nice crystal glasses of various shapes and sizes and insisted that everyone use them. Of course, my mother kept trying to refuse, saying “But those are your NICE glasses” and I would have to counter, “Then what better occasion to use them than Christmas??!” This continued a few times, but eventually she gave in. 🙂

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